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Kissanime and top 8 alternative sites to enjoy anime movies

Find out where to watch anime movies online

Tons of anime fans love watching their favorite anime on the Kissanime website as it was known to be a safe and great anime platform with its huge online anime forum. However, all good things must come to an end. As you may already know, Kissanime has been down for a while now, but don’t be worried. We provide our top 8 list of anime sites for you to enjoy your favorite series down below.

What is Kissanime.ru?

Kissanime was an anime-hub that hosted thousands of videos, allowing users to stream or download movies and TV shows illegally for free. Furthermore, it was described as “one of the world’s biggest streaming anime websites” as TorrentFreak had reported. All anime series, TV shows, and anime movies on this website were all accessible in English dubbed and subbed versions with HD quality. Users could also ask for uploading their favorite anime on their page. Besides, the quality of its webpage was beautifully created with its amusing and user-friendly functionality.

On August 14th, 2020, after about 8 years of existence, Kissanime.ru was gone for good. Google actually received a DMCA takedown notice and then removed the entire Google Drive that contained the huge lists of anime on Kissanime. As a result, nobody can now enter the website as the site is inactive. Please note that many new Kissanime websites have been created since, but most of them are not safe to use, so be careful.

Top 9 alternative anime websites to use instead of Kissanime

As previously mentioned, Kissanime has been shut down for a while now, and you won’t be able to use it anytime soon. Therefore, here are our top 9 anime websites to watch your anime safely:

A-Z interface

A-Z interface is known as a Kissanime alternative that is safe to use. It provides a massive gathering of anime movies, series, manga series, and shows with subbed and dubbed versions. Furthermore, the video standard on this site contains high quality, plus you don’t have to register to access the site.


GoGoAnime is famous for its great anime freebooting platform. It is assuredly safe to access and well-known among anime lovers as the site contains a user-friendly webpage. Moreover, it also provides subbed and dubbed versions without requiring registration. Every user can also make requests for any anime movies they wish to see in the near future.

Anime land

On this site, there are many new anime series that can be found. Most users stated that the latter is one of the greatest sites as it carries massive anime lists and presents a prettily designed homepage. Plus, its anime series and anime movies are available for all viewers without the need for registration.

Anime planet

For those who used to like visiting Kissanime, you will fall in love with the Anime-planet website. This one has everything that Kissanime provided in the past. Its homepage is easy to use, and every user can browse the list of famous anime in the suggestion section. Lastly, more than thousands of anime shows and movies are legally available on Anime planet in high-definition.


On this anime website, you can access a massive collection of anime movies and series in HD quality with no ads popping up. Furthermore, dubbed and subbed versions are also offered on this site. They also often download the newest anime episodes on their page. Nonetheless, you will have to register and log in before using this platform but it doesn’t require you to open your wallet.


This site provides streaming of online anime for free and also in HD quality. For those who like watching with English subtitles, this is the perfect place for you. Moreover, many episodes of anime series are arranged neatly on this anime platform which is indeed convenient for their audiences to find their favorite anime shows.


KIMCartoon offers its viewers anime movies and series in HD quality. Besides, they regularly download the newest anime series on their page. It has a very great design and is safe to watch. However, if you would like to use the site you will be required to sign up before you can access its content.


Even though Crunchyroll requires some form of payment for a lot of its content, you will never regret it. There are literally thousands of anime that you can pick from. If you are an anime fan who prefers to use a legal anime website, Crunchyroll provides legal content that is free from malware and viruses. Furthermore, its simulcast feature allows new anime movies and series to premiere in sync with their Japan release. Nevertheless, you will need to pay in order to access all of these features.


And to complete our list, AnimeLab is a safe platform that provides a premium experience without any ads. This site also has a special simulcast, similar to Crunchyroll’s, that lets everyone watch fresh new episodes at the same time as their Japan releases. Last but not least, AnimeLab can also be used on:

  • Xbox One
  • Google Chromecast
  • Apple Airplay
  • Apple TV
  • Samsung TV
  • PS4

Watching anime through safe websites is vital. Thus, there will not be any trouble with your computer (viruses and other malware) as long as you use our list above. With these alternative sites, you can enjoy your favorite anime shows with no dangers.