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God is on Twitter and Lucifer on Facebook: Great characters on social media

How would historic great characters use social media

These days you can find so many great characters from mythology online, on social media, but not only. There’s also Shakespeare, for those who prefer literary quotes. What should you expect from social media in the future? More real people and more characters created by the media. Because social media is just getting started, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

Instagram: The #1 Marketing Tool in the World

In case you haven’t noticed, Instagram is now the most popular and well-known marketing tool in the world. That’s because over 2 billion people use it every day. Brands love to connect with their customers, in part because they love hearing from them through this medium. How often do customers ask to be advertised to, right? That’s why you should see a lot of inventive ways brands will use social media in the coming months and years.

The Arrival of a New Kind of User Account

If you search for the account “James Bond” on Facebook, you’ll find information about the latest movie, due out this year (two years late, thanks to COVID -19) and other information about this popular character. But if you search for Lucifer or The Maiden, both part of the Triality World, you will actually find information about them as real individuals, and interacting with viewers. This is because the Triality World was created as a parallel world to ours. However, this world, in our timeline, is just like ours. As the company that created it says: It’s a world made up of ordinary people living extraordinary lives. But the opening of Triality World is based on the mythology it references, which is why you’ll find Lucifer and The Maiden, soon to be followed by Luppo & Gatto, on social media first.
These new kinds of accounts, featuring characters, will allow brands to speak to their (potential) customers in a very different way. They will feel much closer to the viewers who follow their “live storytelling” tales, movies and tv series. All the characters, starting with Nicola Kafata (Il Consigliere) and Jeanne Bûcher (The Concierges), will mix through the various stories, taking place in this world, and viewers and fans will be able to interact with them, both on social media and on their platform at trialityworld.com. So don’t be surprised if you cross Lucifer’s path while browsing through your favorite social media.

Social media: A World Apart

The truth is that social media is already filled with people playing characters on there. Normal people with many followers play a role of their own as they show you only the part of their life they want you to see. All influencers could be considered role players to some degree, as they adapt their personas to the brands they represent and the image they want to build in your mind. Of course, some are closer to reality than others. But at the end of the day, all social media accounts aim to show a part of the user’s life.
The question that looms large when it comes to the future of social media is, “What’s next?” There’s not that much novelty in this field. In fact, Instagram has taken the “Stories” idea from its competitor and modified it only slightly. But there’s bound to be a step forward in the next few years. Probably we should all look to Facebook, as they are the clear leader in this area. Maybe the new parallel world will give them ideas of their own. So, look out for more fictional characters soon! And as for God; up to you to decide if you want to become a follower or not!