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How to fix an Xbox One console unexpectedly turning off?

Solutions for your xbox one turning off

The Xbox One is undeniably many people’s favorite console because of its numerous features, good controller, and realistic graphics. If you already have this popular gaming system at home, you might have noticed at some point that your Xbox One turned off by itself for no ostensible reason. Do not panic, throughout this article, we will explain why your console keeps shutting down as well as how to fix this issue.

Why does my Xbox One often turn off by itself?

Normally, your Xbox One will automatically turn off when it is overheating. This problem is mainly caused by the following reasons:

  • Lack of cleaning. There is a heavy accumulation of dust on the ventilation parts such as air vents, internal fans, etc.
  • The game console is placed too close to a wall or other objects. As a result, there is not enough space for air to flow and cool down.
  • The internal air fan might be damaged.
  • Xbox’s power supply is defective.

My Xbox One is overheating! How to cool it down?

If your original Xbox One shuts down due to overheating, the simple solution is to leave it for 30 minutes to 1 hour before switching it on again. That said, this is indeed only a temporary solution. The game console will still turn off when it becomes too hot again.

Therefore, here are 7 effective solutions that can permanently fix this issue. Let’s see them in detail:

Remove all nearby obstructions

Every Xbox model requires a well-ventilated location. Thus, first of all, you have to remove all nearby objects that may obstruct the air circulation. Make sure that there is nothing on, under, or right next to your console. Moreover, you should leave at least a 15-cm space between the console and the wall.

Clean dust from the air vents

If the exterior air vents of your original Xbox One are clogged up with a heavy buildup of dust and dirt, this will definitely obstruct the expelling heat path. For that reason, you have to clean your gaming console regularly. As an alternative, we recommend using compressed air can to easily blow dirt and dust off surfaces.

Clean the internal fan

Not only do you need to keep the exterior surface clean, but you must keep the internal fan clean as well. Otherwise, it won’t spin properly and blow hot air out as it should be. Nevertheless, you must be very careful if you decide to open the gaming console by yourself because the Xbox One has no removable faceplate like the Xbox 360. Also, opening the case will void the warranty with Microsoft.

If you still prefer to clean the interior parts of your Xbox One on your own, you can follow the steps below:

  • Make sure that you already unplugged the gaming console
  • Then, carefully open the left-side panel
  • Next, slide the casing bracket off (on the left)
  • Unhook the bracket on the right side with your screwdriver and continue to unhook the rest of the casing brackets. (*This step will officially void the warranty)
  • After that, pull the blue tape wrapped around the power button off before slowly opening the Xbox One’s case
  • Now, it’s time to clean thoroughly the fan and air vents both inside and outside by using a pressurized air can or a dry cloth. Do not use a wet cloth or any watery product
  • Be wary of touching any internal component by accident
  • Lastly, close your Xbox One’s case and you’re finished!

Replace the broken fan with a new one

Apart from cleaning, it is advised to check the air fan as well. If the fan is electrically connected but still not working, the only way to fix this issue is to replace the fan with a new one.

Change the damaged power supply

Last but not least, the defective power supply can cause an irregular connection, overheating, as well as the device shutting down. Hence, you should inspect the power cord from end to end. Verify if it is loose, bent, or damaged. If you notice any deterioration, replace the power cord immediately. In addition, we suggest you remove all surge protectors and extension cords to ensure that your console will fully receive the necessary voltage.

How to prevent the Xbox One from turning off by changing the system setting?

Apart from overheating, maybe your console is automatically turning off because of its settings. You can set up your Xbox One by following the instructions below:

  • Switch on the console.
  • Press on the X Menu button on the controller to open the guide.
  • Go to “System”, and then select “Settings”.
  • In the Settings window, go to “Power & startup”.
  • Next, select “Turn off after” under the “Options” menu.
  • Lastly, choose “Don’t turn off automatically” and it’s done!

These are all the tips and tricks we had to properly take care of your beloved Xbox One console. The key is to keep its ventilation clean and unobstructed at all times. On a final note, this guide may not apply to the Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and Xbox Series. If you have any problems with other models, please consult a repair specialist.