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What are the best PS4 games for girls?

The sims 4 and other video games popular among girls

Young and old players, as well as people of both genders, share the gaming world. Though girls have long been overlooked in the gaming industry, we are now witnessing big changes as more games are created with this rising group in mind. We’ll go through a couple of our favorite games that we think you are going to love to play.

The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is a life simulation game in which you can build and control characters. In the latter, you can experiment with your imagination, and play with life itself. Girls will mostly enjoy:

  • Creating their unique Sims with different appearances, all-new emotions, and personalities.
  • Designing the home of their dreams by modifying the landscape, designing the architecture, and selecting the furnishings.
  • Discovering fascinating worlds: travel and discover fascinating venues, and explore exclusive neighborhoods.
  • Having fun with life. From their relationships to their careers, you can monitor the rich and exciting moments of your Sims’ lives.


Over the years, Minecraft has grown exponentially in popularity. The game’s artistic nature allows you to customize your gameplay in any way you want. Minecraft is a fantastic open-world sandbox that combines survival, building, crafting, discovery, and even fighting, in a very blocky and particular visual style. These are five reasons why girls will love this game:

  • Minecraft’s universe can be turned into anything you want, which is a feature that not many other video games have. It’s no surprise that the game has a large fan base.
  • Minecraft’s creative mode is the heart of the game. If you like Legos, which can be used to create almost anything, you’ll enjoy Minecraft’s block-based creative mode.
  • Exploration is a big part of Minecraft. It has a diverse range of enemies and environments that are quite fun and interesting to explore.
  • You can always choose to improve/modify its graphics by adding realism to the world of Minecraft by using texture packs and shaders.
  • Since Minecraft is such a flexible game, you can transform it into almost any type of adventure that you can imagine, then share your world with your friends. Also, you can build your own private server with your rules if you want to.


This is unmistakably a female-oriented PS4 game. The game Frantics can be played by up to four players. The game’s host is a fox who will occasionally help you sabotage your opponents but will also help them later on, so be wary of him. It’s made up of adorable kawaii animal characters, and you’ll have to fight, compromise, and bluff your way to victory. That said, here are a few reasons why we think girls will love this game:

  • It’s easy to control the game, enjoyable to play, and a lot of fun to play with friends and family. It isn’t the most in-depth of gaming experiences, but it will undoubtedly make you laugh.
  • There are 15 Mini-Games that you can play individually or as part of your personal playlist.
  • Frantics is a lot of fun to play, but it’s also enjoyable to look at as well. The claymation visuals are surreal and stylized.


This game has super cute characters and is generally loved by women of all ages. It is played in Virtual Reality, which opens up a lot of possibilities in comparison to traditional games. Moss, a young mouse who desires to become a great hero, is the protagonist of the story. When the mouse discovers a magical stone, it gains new abilities and ventures into forgotten dimensions to solve puzzles and battle numerous enemies. Here are a few reasons why this game is perfect for girls:

  • A good mix of action and some puzzles, accompanied by light platforming.
  • You have power over the game character as well as a larger entity that can help you perform different actions such as pushing obstacles, opening doors, and rotating towers.
  • Fantastic character animations and environments, on top of the wonderful music.
  • At times, the story is told through a giant narrated book that players can flip through.

Shenmue III

Created by Yu Suzuki, an award-winning game developer, Shenmue 3 is the last and long-awaited entry of the series. The main character, Ryo Hazuki, embarks on a quest to locate his father’s murderer and exact vengeance on him. He is a martial arts expert, and he will use his skills when he enters the enemy territory. This is an unforgettable tale in which men and women of various ages take part. Why would the girls love to play this you may ask? Here are 2 good reasons:

  • Shenmue 3 is a promise fulfilled, with antiquated style choices.
  • It is a mindful experience with plenty of adventure, a little action, and incredible attention to detail.

Our list of PS4 games for girls has come to an end. These games are fun to play with your friends or with family. The majority of the games on our list are enjoyable, have excellent graphics, and adorable characters. Hope you will enjoy the games during weekends and free time.