More Top Restaurant Suggestions For Dining Out In Rockville MD

When looking at the best restaurants that Rockville has to offer, what have you run across so far? If you are just now taking a look, then you are in for a treat. I have four picked out, but don’t forget to check out some of the other picks I’ve mentioned previously. This article may send you off in the direction of a restaurant, as you are hungry, but there’s always time to enjoy another meal later on in Rockville MD.

OM Fine Indian Cuisine is one of the places you might like. Its location is 785 Rockville Pike, and the restaurant is said to feature a great dining experience. What do you think about some butter chicken? What other Indian dishes do you like? People say that you can expect all the usual dishes, but there is nothing general about this place. Stop on by for a nice treat.

Temari Japanese Cafe would also be a nice treat. This cafe is located at 1043 Rockville Pike, and it is known for fatty tuna, fried oysters, octopus and more. I wasn’t aware that fried oysters was such a delicacy when it comes to Japanese cuisine. That is really cool. If you want to try out this restaurant, I think you are in for a really good meal and a great time.

Amalfi Ristorante is going to show you a great time, too, and it’s all about Italian food. The location is 12307 Wilkins Avenue, and Amalfi Ristorante serves up delicious sea bass, homemade pasta, white pizza and more. If you eat at an authentic Italian restaurant, you’re definitely expecting homemade pasta. The white pizza was a good sign for me, too, as I like it from time to time as an alternative to regular pizza. What about you?

Paladar Rockville is the last pick for this short list. Paladar Rockville is located at 11333 Woodglen Drive, and it is a great place to get not only food but drinks, too. Are you ready to have some sangria? The tacos make the menu highlights, and the restaurant serves up all kinds of delicious food.

You know four great restaurant stops you can make in Rockville MD. Check out other restaurant suggestions I’ve made, too. I’ve covered just about every cuisine you can imagine, and there are still some more restaurants coming your way. You and your family will be eating the best foods in Rockville for sure.